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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Just feel free to call me R-B! Throughout my history on this site, I've had some dips of inactivity. There was a three year gap after my "Lantern Wars" pic. My ideas and aspirations have taken flight and I'm most likely here to stay for a long time, now!

Feel free to ask about point commissions, anytime. I don't do them often and am usually caught up in my own projects, but I enjoy a challenge time to time.

My artistry is one of pen and pencil. Mainly. I'm not computer savvy enough to do really amazing visuals (growing and learning, though), but I enjoy a simple look just the same. I've taken much time to advance in my direction. Looking at my older stuff on here there is a great difference.

Though I work with mainly video games, I finally have some fan webcomics up. My ideas are my passion, and I'm here to create things that invoke thought or bring a smile. Something that there will always be need for. Most important, all my ideas are created for me first. I share because why not share?


Though it's only part one, my first project was a classic Mario and Sonic crossover, though using relatively obscure versions of the characters. Part one's here!… Part 2 is a work in progress.

Then it's Smashtopia! As you can see to the left. -A self proclaimed geek lives in what every video gamer dreams about; a world where gaming icons are real. But the question arises, what length will he go to prove his "fan"-aticsm? Volume 2 will be on the way after Movies Meet concludes.


I'm still into collecting figures, watching cartoons, etc. This is mainly because I like being a kid at heart. Also, I absorb what I like and the simpler cartoony style is what I do best with my artwork.
I still enjoy Legos. Thinking of having a month each year just for lego goodness. Posting my creations is what really got me on this site. I also like transformers; but not as much when I was younger.
I enjoy Nintendo games the most. Grew up with Mario and Sonic games, so I've formed a muse that way. I've done many comics with the two icons but now I've finally gotten something small enough I felt easy enough to get online.
I'm seldom online but hope to be a bit more active if I'm not drawing. I have an eye condition that makes me light sensitive but I won't let that stop my drawing.

If there's anything you'd ever want to know about me, feel free to chat. I enjoy enlightenment.

'Cause we live in a time where meaning falls in splinters from our lives."
-Bob Welch; Sentimental Lady
Yes, it's true! I am updating!

I meant to write in the comments of last page that Movie's Meet is; I believe, halfway over. At least, it's approaching on the 15th page from my scripting from 7 years back. I'd say how many pages of scripting there are, but... I didn't complete it. Yep. Secret's out. I meant to, even before I started resuming it. Procrastination got in the way, and then I decided I'll wing it at that step. I have the end in my head, so no worries, but I'm gonna have to think overtime to create the art direction as I go. No biggie, but if I had done scripting I think it'd go to 25 sheets. How many pages that will ultimately end up as is beyond me, but we should be about 3/5ths done.

I honestly hoped it'd be done by now and I'd be moving ahead. Now there's some wishful thinking. I guess I thought it'd move faster. Just an overestimate I suppose.

So yeah. Smashtopia still hangs in the balance. So I'm working on a page for volume 2 for now. It won't signal the commencing of volume 2, but it will be its start. A "cheat" page, if you will. Figured I'd throw a bone out there for you good folks who want some antics from fanboy! Though I'm not entirely sure when it will be done...

Oh. Other stuff I plan to do. Like a Mario and Sonic personality quiz I've had some time. And I've got to stop procrastinating on getting some art program basics down and practicing new styles for another comic.

Y'see, I keep wanting to do so much, but my mind can't decide on what's priority and thus I end up blowing off a lot a result. What this means for you is I may have the potential to deliver the most awesome, coolest of comic ideas, but they get in the way of each other, and thus any genius I have never comes to light. So yeah. If no one sees that I'm a genius, it's my brain's fault.=P (Razz) Giggle

But I'm not too hard on my brain. Thanks for reading.
  • Listening to: whatever I want
  • Reading: books to understand health, corruption, etc.
  • Playing: feel free to Sm4sh Wii U with me
  • Eating: some dietary freedom! YAY!


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IBreakToys Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks very much for the :+devwatch:
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome.
katium Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
If you like Red and Blue, then do you like Spider-Pants?
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spider'man's outfit? Sure.
fokerero Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Student General Artist
I was reading your tagline, "Doesn't believe in over-rated". I honestly really don't too, but why do you think so? Just curious. :)
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's not so that I don't feel there are things people give unwarranted hype to, of course I do. That's human nature. Really, to put it more accurately, the saying would go "Doesn't believe in caring about whether or not something is over-rated." That's not as succinct, though for a tagline haha! I suppose you could just say it's cryptic that way.

But to clarify: there are some people who try to gauge things by just how popular something is, and I suppose they want what they like (movie, game, etc.) to have good standing. The problem with that is: Who sets the standard? And who seeing the standard is supposed to respect it? Other people cannot define what we are supposed to like and for what reasons we liking it for.

Just because a movie is popular doesn't mean I'm going to see it. Sometimes I feel people do things or like things just to go along with the crowd, but I do what I do for my own reasons. I think it's truly wonderful to do so. If someone likes something popular because it spoke to them in their own way I can respect that. I think especially in today's age of social media we have to be selective for trying to see it all because others say "it's good" is an impossibility. So why bother about what this person and that person says about something; if you're curious about something it's only up to you to decide it's worth for yourself. We cannot decide worth for others.

Likewise there are certain things I feel deserve more attention of course, but as much as I enjoy sharing with others you can't get others to share the same enjoyment you had of something by hounding them to watch it. So I don't often try to tell people what they "should watch."

I've probably alluded to most of this talk before, if you can remember, so yeah, guess I'll quit rambling now. Lemme know if I missed anything.

fokerero Featured By Owner Edited May 29, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh, I see!
Honesly, I never cared about considering things "overrated" or "underrated".

I totally agree with your point of view. I see lots of people on the Internet talking like "oh this is overrated" "that's good" "no that is actually really bad, you have bad taste", but just like you said, who sets the standard?
Overrated means too many people like a thing which shouldn't deserve all its fans, right? Then it's not a valid argument. I'd never expect anyone going "Oh, I really like this but since almost everyone already does, I'm going to force my own taste and dislike it!".
A lot of people talk like their preferences are facts, when they are not.
Mario games can be awesome for me, because I have my own taste, but not for another person. And I wouldn't come to them and say "Oh, you have bad taste". Why bad? It's just me, and other fans, who could say that. And I don't think we can actually control what we like, it's quite instinctive, right? So the concept of "bad taste" is something I also don't agree with.

And yes, sometimes people do. Maybe to feel cool or I don't know what, lol.
I do what I do for my own reasons as well, for example I don't care about fashion and "fit in" with my peers. I can become curious about something, and I can wonder "why do so many people like this thing? Mh, if I feel like doing it I could give it a try".
But I see what you mean when you say it's quite impossible to try everything because "others say it's good so I'll probably like it!".
Everyone's different. And apart from that, the wish to feel updated about movies/games etc. can become a bit of a pressure.
For example, I kept seeing  Undertale everywhere and just felt curious about what it was, didn't want to play it though. I only watched a playthrough, but it totally entertained me and the characters were something I felt interested to draw and read in my style.
Before posting that fanart here, I honestly felt like "oh, won't my watchers think I'm doing it to go along with the crowd?" xD

Eh, I rambled a bit too here ^^;
Maybe I'm just too keen in my current "everything's relative" mentality, lol.
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, anytime you feel up for a chat, I'm all right with it.:cool: You're a good conversationalist.

I never thought you saw Undertale to just go along with something. I acknowledge that there is a  small part me isn't interested in it, because of the hype, but ultimately I just... don't care. It doesn't look bad, but I have seen enough talks about it to get that I wouldn't appreciate it (4th wall breaking stuff isn't my thing mainly).
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ErekiSaiko Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey! Thanks for the watch! elecla 
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome!
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